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Prema Performance Coaching

Understand. Overcome.

The Application of Evidence-Based Psychology and Exercise Science to Elevate your Global Performance


What is Prema Coaching?

Prema Coaching is a Psychological Performance Coaching framework designed to help you break down your personal barriers and understand your psychology - the goal being to improve your performance. By understanding & applying psychology and exercise science principals you can unlock your potential in both the physical and mental worlds that contribute to human performance.

Prema's core philosophy is to distil key learnings from high performance sport and fundamental psychology and to provide them to the everyday individual seeking to improve their life.

The significant money & resources devoted to top tier athletes worldwide over many decades has provided a wealth of performance data & tools that can & should be applied throughout the population. What is little known is that these high performance learnings & frameworks are almost always underpinned by fundamental psychological theory. Prema's purpose is to use these tools, theories, & frameworks to provide you with a method of developing and harnessing your own personal performance mindset.

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What do we do?

Psychological Performance Coaching

Utilising Exercise Science and Psychology principals, Prema Performance Coaching spans the spectrum from pure biomechanics and injury rehabilitation through to therapeutic psychology and everything in between.

Performance Psychology

Online Coaching - Flexible plans to help you get where you want to go

Tailored personal performance coaching to develop your mindset. Monthly plan options with varying contact frequency to suit your goals. Wide ranging online availability with the flexibility to work in with your schedule no matter where you are in the world.

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Team Performance Education

Performance education and psychological tools geared towards improving the success of your team.

Group psycho-education to provide an understanding of frameworks & theory for performance optimisation.

Workshops can be tailored to sports teams, business settings, management groups, & almost any setting which individual and team performance is dependent on mental state.

Injury Rehabilitation

An Exercise Science approach to rehabilitation and return to activity.

Perhaps you're recovering from major injury, or maybe you can't seem to shake that niggling little injury that just won't go away.  We can apply an evidence-based Exercise Science approach to guide you through recovery.

Sessions can be scheduled at intervals convenient to you and your injury, with online or in person sessions offered.

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