So what is Prema Performance Coaching?

Prema Coaching is a performance coaching framework designed to help you break down your personal barriers and understand your psychology - the goal being to improve your performance.

Prema's philosophy is to take the learnings from high performance sport and apply them in the general population. The significant money and resources devoted to top tier athletes worldwide over many decades has provided a wealth of performance data and tools that should be applied throughout the population. What is little known is that these high performance learnings and frameworks are almost always underpinned by fundamental psychological theory. Prema's purpose is to use these tools, theories, and frameworks to provide you with a method of developing your own personal performance mindset.

This has been the philosophy over many years, and has been applied in many different arenas for more than a decade. Prema was founded to synthesise and apply psychological theory and performance frameworks to help individuals to thrive. 

Founder, Coach G, is a published author with degrees in Psychology and Exercise Science, providing substantial evidence-based knowledge in the physical and mental worlds that contribute to human performance. In addition, G has been a personal trainer for over a decade and a CrossFit trainer for the past 7 years (CF-L2).

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So who will I be working with?

Coach G

With regards to qualifications and education - I have been working with individuals in an athletic sense for nearly two decades. Initially as a personal trainer (Cert III & IV) and then as a CrossFit coach (CrossFit Level 2 qualification). I have bachelors degrees in both exercise science and psychology (with honours). I'm also currently completing a PhD in psychology.

More importantly in terms of philosophy and personal drive - It is my goal to work in the areas of psychology and sport/exercise to bring about positive change in individuals. I seek to work with individuals wanting to advance their performance - either physical or mental (and usually both). Neglect in either area will impact progression in the other so it is my approach to apply a wholistic approach whilst also factoring in additional variables such as nutrition, employment or vocation, and relationships, in order to best support the individual to perform at their best.

In a nutshell - I seek to help those wanting to improve physical and mental performance by providing an understanding of individual psychology and facilitating it's positive application to personal, professional, and physical endeavours.